Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ryan & Mel

I love this picture

Mom and Dad

Jake and Dan

Dan, Denise, Lexi, and Jake

Hudsen Vone

Clarke and Grandma

Hudsen loves being with her cousins

Hudsen and Sally

Troy and Sally

Daddy and his girl

My handsome Hubby and Me

I love this boy

Hudsen hanging out with some cousins

Ashley holding a tired girl.

Clarke was on the move the whole night :)

Kyle and Hudesn

On Saturday, my nephew Ryan was married to his beautiful wife Mel in the Los Angeles Temple. It was a wonderful day surrounded by family and friends. Congrats Ryan and Mel!!! We love you.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Dodger Game

You got to love face painters! :)
Vic the Brick

This is right before Manny's home run.

We went to the Dodger game Wednesday night with Chris and Melissa. It was so much fun, it was even greater because the Dodgers killed the Padres 12 to 4. Chris was even on the big screen but I was too slow and didn't get his picture. Thanks Genine for watching Hudsen and Clarke.


I was tagged a while ago by my mother in- law Meegan and I'm finally getting around to it. So here it goes.

5 things I was doing 10 years ago.
  • Sophomore at John Burroughs
  • Playing tennis
  • Running track
  • In show choir
  • Going to seminary

5 things on my to do list

  • Laundry
  • Post office
  • Go to Target
  • Go to Stater Brothers
  • Put dishes away

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire

  • Buy a house
  • Pay off all debt
  • Pay for kids college
  • Take a nice vacation
  • put in savings

5 places I have lived

  • Lehi, Utah
  • Burbank
  • Phelan
  • Hesperia
  • Canyon Country

5 jobs I've had

  • babysitting
  • superior communications
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Filing and book work
  • Mom

5 people I tag

  • Julie
  • Leslie
  • Michelle
  • Ashley
  • Kendra

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our Talking Boy

Clarke is now 16 months. I love this age, he is so cute and fun. I wanted to record some of the words that he says before I forget.

  • Da Dee!!! = Daddy (Clarke's favorite person and word :) )

  • Momma

  • Hi

  • Hello

  • Bye Bye

  • Bee Bee = Blanket

  • Bee = Book

  • Bah = Bottle

  • Whod = Food

  • Baa = Bath

  • Down = Down & Up

  • Day Two = Thank You

  • He tries to say Please but I'm sure sure how to spell what he says cause there's a lot of spit involved in it. :)

  • Boppy = Puppy

  • Ahcey = Horsey

  • Moo = Moo

  • Mee Mee = No No & Be Nice

  • Yah = Yah

  • Dah = Yes

  • Pa Pa = Grandpa

  • Phone

  • Baby

  • Ball

  • whoa

  • oowww

  • Fire Tut = Fire Truck

  • Choo Choo = Train

These are just some I can remember right now. I'm sure I'll have to add some more. :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Time Out

This is Clarke's 1st time out. He had been hitting Hudsen all day. So I thought I would give Time Out a try, and he did pretty good. He stayed there the whole time until I told him to come out and say sorry and give Hudsen a hug and kiss. He looked so darn cute I had to take his picture. :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

At The Races

Clarke loved watching the Demolition Soccer.
Lexi and Hudsen

Hudsen and Jake

My boys

They had demolition soccer. It was hilarious.

This is Dan's car

Denise and Jake talking to Dan

Dan and Lexi right after her race.

Lexi is the red #40 car

My nephew Jake got to wave the green flag to start off the races.

We went to Irwindale Speedway on Saturday to watch my brave 9 year old niece Lexi and also my awesome brother Dan race. Lexi did awesome she came in 1st in her division and 3rd overall against the 14 and 15 year old kids. Dan started off so well. He started in 1st because of his awesome qualifing time but then was bumped by another car and his car spun out twice and it messed up his car pretty bad. Love you Lexi and Dan. You both did great we are so proud of you!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hudsen's 1st Day of Preschool

Hudsen's Barbie lunch box/purse

Today is Hudsen's first day of Preschool. She is going to The Creative Cottage Preschool, and Miss Sherry is her Teacher. She teaches out of her home and it's really nice cause Hudsen has several friends from church that go there as well. Ryan's family had this tradition that every year before school his Dad would give him and his other brothers and sisters a blessing. I totally loved that and we wanted to carry that on with our family. So last night Ryan gave Hudsen a blessing. It was so sweet. I of course peeked at her because I had to hold Clarke our crazy boy and keep an eye on him. She looked so precious. She sat very quiet and still with her eyes mostly closed but partially open. Clarke kept trying to give her her sippee cup during the middle of it but she just sat there very reverent. When Ryan was done she says, "I'm sick" :) I think she remembers getting blessings when she was sick. It was pretty funny. So she wakes up this morning at 7:30 and first thing out of her mouth was, "Mom, I'm going to school today!!!". Her school doesn't start until 10:30 so we had lots of time to kill. That was pretty tough to do with my very excited girl. So we first made oatmeal for breakfast, watched a little bit of cartoons, made her lunch together and put it in her Barbie lunch box that she picked out :) , got dressed, we painted her toe nails and finger nails, did her hair, put lotion on, Brushed teeth, cleaned up, took pictures and sang songs until it was time to leave. When we got there she grabbed her name tag and put her lunch box where it went, she gave me a kiss and said,"I love you Mom" and went right in and started playing. I was surprised I didn't cry but I was emotional. It makes me sad how fast she is growing up. Sometimes I wish she could stay little forever. We love you so much Hudsen, Mommy and Daddy are so very proud of you. You are our special girl. Love you tons our little Preschooler!!!

Aquatic Center

Our little Fish!!!
Ryan didn't see me take this one of him. :) I love it!

Clarke loved laying down in the water. :)

Hudsen playing with Daddy!

Ryan and Pat on the diving board.

We went to the Aquatic Center with the Baldree's on Labor day. It was a blast! The kids loved it. My third child Ryan also loved it. :) He wants to take the kids back there really soon. It was fun to see him and Hudsen play together. She loves her Daddy and had so much fun with him.