Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My loves

Clarke loves going to work with Daddy!  He woke up and asked Ryan if he could go.  Ryan said no because he had too many stops.  Clarke got ready anyways and put a pen in his ear just like Dad.  Ryan couldn't say no.  :)  I love my boys!!
Isn't this the biggest coolest chair?!
I love that my kiddos are good buddies!!!


Sleep over with the James!!
Swim day at the Gibbons!!
These are Grandma's big beautiful Sunflowers

Summer Goodness!!

Visiting Brrryan, Mel and Hunter
They have the coolest blow up water slide
The kids found Griffin, our elf.  He was high up in a closet.  I guess he pops in every once in a while to make sure they are behaving  :)  They were so excited!!  Allie still thinks she is allowed to hold Fin Fin.
Thunder storm
At Roo's with Cousins!!
I LOVE Wyatt!!  He melts my heart.
Thank you Grandma!!!  So yummy!!
Grandma caught a rattle snake on their property.  So freaky!!
Afton & Allie.  They kept holding hands that day.  :)
My cutie Clarke learning to pump gas. 

Leo Carrillo

Our cute little monkey
Beautiful Friends
Crazy little girl
Hudsen pretending she is The Little Mermaid
Miss Allie and her sad bruise that lasted over 3 weeks.  She tripped over the cord when I was blowing up the air Mattress and smacked her face on the rocking chair.  :(
We camped at Leo Carrillo with the Gibbons.  We had so much fun!!  Going on hikes, climbing rocks, catching crabs and sand crabs.  We found pretty rocks and shells and even star fish.  The water was freezing!!!  Hudsen and Clarke were super excited because they slept in their own tent!! Thank you so much Gibbons for and awesome little weekend!!
Allie still isn't too fond of the water.  She would like us to lift her up once it came.
Hudsen Loves holding Reagan
Mang Mang and Allie ready for bed.  She slept from 9 to 9!!
We found a baby rattle snake!!  Scary!!
Me and my love
Getting some sun. 
Allie and her baby rock