Wednesday, August 22, 2012

1st day of School!!!!!!

 Hudsen's 1st day of the 2nd Grade
 We cannot believe how fast this little lady is growing up.  She is such a good girl and such a blessing to us all.  We are sure proud of you Hudsen Vone!!
 Clarke's 1st day of Kindergarten!!!
 Our little Clarkie was sooooo excited to start school!  Over the summer he would ask several of times if school was tomorrow.  ;)  He doesn't want me taking him or picking him up for school.  He only wants to ride the bus.  :)  Im really going to miss having my pal around. :(
 Clarke wanted to show off his sweet Mario backpack.  :)
 LOVE them...
 Coming home from the bus (second day of school)
When Clarke sees the bus in the morning,  he takes off running to get in line and yells" Love you Mom!!!"  :)  Hudsen will still stop and kiss me before she leaves.  :)

FHE Golf

 We decided it would be fun to go golfing for the last day of summer fun. It was also family night and we all had so much fun!!
 Little Miss Allie (18 months)

 Clarke  (5 years old)
Hudsen (7 years old)

Summer Dayz

 Sweetest little face ever...
 We spent many days swimming at The Gibbons!!  Hudsen learned how to swim this year!!  Wooooooo!!!!!!!
 Allie in Time out for hitting and scratching  :(
 Clarke flying his Kite!
 Waiting for the Ice Cream Man to pass by

 Riding bikes with the neighbors
 Pedicure time!!!
 Watching the Olympics 2012 Opening ceremonies with Grandma and Grandpa Moore
Grandma having fun at the arcades!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Fun

 Love this sweet Angel girl

 We got our White Trash on, and filled up the empty pond.  The kids loved it!!!  LOL.  Clarke kept saying he was a Hippopotamus.  :)
 Not really sure whats going on with her shirt  :)

 Getting buried is the best!!!
 17 months old
 Allie loved getting buried too!
We joined cousins and friends at the beach.  It was so fun!!! 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Salt Creek Beach

Allie Loves the Beach!!  Not the water which is nice and easy for us, but everything else.  :)

Clarke loves hanging out with his older cousins
Clarke (5)
Hudsen (7)

Goo Goo and Clarkie being Crazy

Pretty little ladies
Allie playing with the girls
Allie trying to find food
Enjoying her sandy lollipop
Allie (17 months)

Love this girl!!
I Love Hudsen's face in this picture!!!  She loves doing her one handed cart wheels.
Back bend!!  Gavin in the back ground  LOL.  :)
Allie begging Grandpa for food
Daddy and Grandpa
I LOVE him!!!
I wonder what they were laughing about?!!  :)
Work it girl!!!
How cute are they?
These boys are hilarious!

Grandma and Grandpa Fast     and      Uncle Scott and Aunt Mandi (below)