Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cabin in Arizona

Clarke Ryan Hudsen Vone

Hudsen and Brrryan caught a little fish later that day.

Daddy and Bashers

Mel making Smores with the kids

We caught this cute little guy our 1st night!!

Our sleeping Angel

Insanity workout. I love how Hudsen is right there with them. :)

Strong little lady

On the most beautiful hike ever!

Mommy and Allie

Cutest guy I know. He hated wearing my backpack. :)

Family Pics!!

Hudsen picked lots of pretty flowers on our hike

Love this picture!!

The water was freezing!!

Allie Renee

Brrrryan and Mel invited us to go to their Grandpas cabin with them. This vacation to Arizona was so much fun!! It started out with about 30 minutes into the drive Clarke saying his throat hurts and he ends up puking. Thankfully is was just the doughnuts he ate and he was fine for the rest of the trip. :) The weather was crazy!! It snowed and hailed on the drive once we got to beautiful Flagstaff. We were able to stop and visit with my niece Jenny and her cute family. They even came and hung out at the cabin a ton. We had a blast jumping rocks in the creek, playing in the water, watching movies, playing games, going on hikes and just relaxing and being together. It was funny cause Brrryan had told us to be careful on the steps and stairs. About 5 minutes later I ran down the stairs to hurry and get my camera and ended up falling down the stairs. Haha. I'm so dumb. :) We bought so much junk food and made delicious meals it was so fun! We even ate dinner one night in beautiful Sedona and went shopping there one afternoon. It was such a fun getaway for us, so many fun memories were made. Awww. I love my family.

Catching Up

Hudsen & GiGi Best Buds (last day of School @ Mesquite Trails Elementary Kindergarten 2011) Mrs. Hoffman (seriously the BEST teacher ever!!) and Hudsen


Clarke makes me laugh in the back ground of this one. :)

Hudsen with Tatiana at her JB party