Sunday, August 24, 2014

Back to school!!!

Going back to school is always such a bitter sweet time for me. Bitter because I love having my kids home with me.  I perfer it actually.  Ans sweet because I'm so excited for them!!  Tears were shed when I dropped Clarke off because I knew he was so nervous to start his new school all by himself.  He was only at the new one for a day until they had room for him at Mitchell the next day.  So weird.  :/
Hudsen Vone 4th Grade
Clarke Ryan 2nd Grade
Allie joining in on the fun.  3 years old.
I love my alone time I get with this girl.  I don't know what I'm going to do when she starts school.  :(

Happy Birthday Grandma!!

Grandma Martha turned 60!!  We had fun celebrating with her at the park.  She is such a wonderful beautiful woman and Im so grateful to have her in my life and call her Mom.
I love how my Mom always plays with the kids.  Yes, that's her rolling down that hill!!


These girl love to put on shows and plays for us
Daddy took these cuties and Cooper out to the Movies!!
These 2 are usually up to no good when they are together.  :)
Zuma beach is always a blast!!
100 kisses from Aunt Aubri for being grumpy

Magic with Aubs

Allie can do no hands!  she is so brave.  :)
I am in love with that little Miles face!!
No hands!!
Hudsen and Afton.  Afton loved the rides!!
The kids got soaked 
Hudsen's first time on Gold Rusher
We had a blast with Aunt Aubri and the cousins at Magic Mountain.