Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gymnastic Show

So very proud of her 1st Trophy Getting ready for the show to begin
Back bend strectching
Clarke loving his 1st Trophy
Hudsen doing the splits on the balance bean. she went all the way down but our camera was to slow to get it.
We had so much fun watching Hudsen and Clarke perform in their gymnastics show. They both did such a great job and we are so very proud of them.
Clarke was a little shy. Every time after he would finish a trick he would run back to Ryan and put his head in between his legs. :) He usually is such a ham and does really good, but there were a ton of people there and he wasn't used to it.
Hudsen did really well, and had so much fun performing in front of everyone with her friends. Coach Rhonda says she will soon be advanced to the older class. she can't wait!!
Grandma- "Are you excited for your show?"
Hudsen " Yes, do you need my mom to give you ingredient's so you will know how to get there?"

Roller Skating

Daddy helping Clarke. It was a little hard for him. :)

Hudsen playing Roller Limbo

We took the kids Roller Skating for the first time. We all really had a good time. Hudsen really picked it up at the end and got pretty good. Clarke would rather play the video games or be pushed around in the stroller.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

You're Cute

We were laying down for quiet time watching Toy Story 2 and Clarke turns to me and says, "You're cute, Your babies cute."

He melted my heart. :) About 2 minutes later he turns to me again and says, "I like you, You're chubby." :) He cracks me up. I love my little honest boy.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Fun

Clarke fell asleep at Target Noah and Clarke playing
At the Drive-In Movies with the Baldrees, It was so much fun. Our family crashed during the second movie. :)
Minature Golfing
A little help from Dad

Hudsen and I had a little date to Disneyland by ourselves. We had such a good time. She got to meet 4 princesses. Princess Tiana was her favorite.

I love that face.
At the park
Mojave Narrows

Clarke being brave and crazy
Getting snacks before heading to the park and to feed ducks.
Hudsen posing, Clarke never wanting to look.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Ducklings

Hudsen practicing her hand stands
This is how Clarke chased his duckling Black Spider man around for like an hour before he was finally brave enough to pick him up.
Clarke and Black Spider man
Clarke and his duck Black Spider man, and Hudsen and her duck Sunshine.
Grandpa bought the kids these ducklings, and they absolutely LOVE them!! They are huge now and still play with them every day. They even painted a special house for them that they sleep in. It's so cute!! Thank you Grandpa!!!