Friday, June 29, 2012

Losing Teeth

Hudesn and a friend from school both lost their fornt tooth.  This was taken about a month ago but Hudsen has now lost 6 teeth!!!


 Clarke loves getting snacks after his game
Clarke got to meet Clifford at Hudsens game

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!

Celebrateing Grandpa Moores Birthday!!!


At Grandma and Grandpas.  It got cold and Grandma had a onesie for Clarke to wear and a Pink sweater for Devun.  They thought they were pretty funny!!

Bath Time

 Allie LOVES Bath Time!!  When ever she hears the water turn on, she runs to the bathroom, and trys to join whoever is getting in.  :)

My Boys!!

I Love them.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thinkin Blue

 Clarke (4)

 At Olvera Street
 At Phillipes with the Gibbons (Best Beef Dips Ever!!!!!)  Then off to the Dodger Game!!

 Poor Allie had a rough week.  Walking was fairly new to her and she kept smacking her face.  :(
 She doesn't go anywhere without her baby  :)

Lets Go White Lightning!

 This was Clarkes 1st year of Soccer.  He was so fun to watch!  Everybody loved him because he was so small and such a cutie pa tootie.  :)
 He is #3 just like Hudsen  :)
 Awesome throw in Dude!!!
 Clarke did very well as Goalie.  He sure sure made his Daddy proud!!  This is Clarke and his buddy Damien.
Love this boy!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Go Orange Blossoms!!!

 This is Hudsen's 1st year playing Soccer.  She loved it!!!!  She was a great Goalie and a Hustler!!!
 She is #3. 
 Her first game was freezing cold!!  It was miserable.  We all had to drink hot chocolate.  :)

Easter 2012

 Happy Easter!!!

 LOL.  :)
 Kendall and Allie are 3 months apart

They make me smile!!!  Love them!!!

Dyeing Easter Eggs

With some cousins!!
Hudsen colored lots of pretty eggs

Miss Allie
Clarke was very proud of his eggs

Daddys awesome rainbow egg!!!

Easter Egg Hunt

 I Love when Clarke rocks his rain boots and shorts.  LOL  :)
These are just a few pictures of our little rascals at the Easter Egg Hunt.  My new camera is lame and doesn't turn my pictures.  Sorry.  There was a huge turn out and it was so much fun!!  We love our ward friends!!