Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Grandma Joel's Annual Christmas Party 2011

Emmett and Clarke hanging out in a tent Allie loves the swings!

Cute Paisli and Hudsen planned to be matchers!!

Having a blast catching these cool flying things!

Momma and her Little lady

Grandma with the littles, Allie and Afton

Love this picture!!

Love these faces

Allie, Serretta, and Ryan. Ryan got sick so we ended up having to leave early. Hence his bad attitude in this picture. :) Love my Ry guy

Thank you Grandma and Dougpa for another wonderful fun day spent with family. It was so much fun!! We sure do love you and appreciate all you do.

Happy Holidays

This is me attempting to get a decent Christmas picture of our little loves. It doesn't look like I'm going to get cards out this year since Christmas is only 4 days away. Happy Holidays to all our Friends and Family. We Love you!!

Elder Koyle made these for the kids. Hudsen and Clarke LOVE them!! Clarke calls his his Mr. McAlister hat.

Christmas Program

Hudsen did a great job in her Christmas program!!! The 1st grade sang, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, and I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas. She is in the front row in the middle. Black shirt and White sweater.

Allie LOVES her Bro Bro

The Bashery!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hudsen turns 7

The first words out of her mouth her Birthday morning were, "I feel taller." :) I cannot not believe I'm old enough to have a 7 year old. Where did all the time go? We had family over the night of her Birthday for Cake, Ice Cream, and Ginger bread houses. Good times!

This year for Hudsen's 7th Birthday we took her to Build a Bear. She LOVED it!! It was so fun to watch her. She was in Heaven. She picked everything out all by herself. She picked out her Bear, stuffed her, did the heart ceremony, gave her a bath, went to the dressing rooms and tried on a ton of clothes and shoes, Once she had decided on the perfect outfit she decided on the name Allison. :) Then got her Birth certificate printed. So cute!! Happy 7th Birthday Miss Hudsen!!! We all love you so much!!

Hudsen's 7 year old Interview.......

Favorite Food- Chili

Favorite Ice Cream- Cookies n Cream

Favorite Show- Jessie

Favorite Movie- Harry and the Hendersons

Favorite Song- Here I Am (from Victorious)

What do you want to be when you grow up?- A teacher

What is your favorite thing to do at school? Doing a lot of crafts, AR, and place value.

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? Fiji

If you had a Million dollars what would you buy?- A car and a ring

What is your favorite thing to do? Be with my family, play, and dance.

What is your favorite animal? Definitely not an alligator. Um... A puppy, kitty, fish, butterflies, ladybugs, worms, and rollie pollies.

What is your favorite scripture story? Daniel and the Lions Den

What are you mostly excited for this next year? When I get baptised and get my sins away. :)

Holiday Fun

This is Clarke with our special Elf on the shelf, Griffin. Hudsen and Clarke LOVE him!! They have had so much fun finding him in a new spot every morning. He was in the bathroom one morning and turned the toilet water GREEN. We heard Hudsen close the door and talking to him. :) So precious!! FHE Gingerbread Houses

Allie is 10 months and learned to crawl!! She is all over the place now and into EVERYTHING!! We sure LOVE this little girl. She is pretty good about leaving the Christmas tree alone but for some reason loves one present under the tree that is Ryan's. She has already unwrapped a corner of it

Dear Santa...

The kids were excited to write their letters to Santa! Hudsen wrote hers all by herself, Clarke had help from Dad. :)

Dear Santa,
I am being a good girl. If its ok can I have two Moxy girl please. And makeup. And the new kids bop! Please can I have a crib life doll. And Looops please. And a Mrs Claus baer. PS. Can I have a easy bakre . and a goldfish. Love, Hudsen Vone Fast

Dear Santa,
How are you and the Mrs.? I think I've been a puuurety good boy this year. I would really like a bike this year for Christmas. Also, I would like the movie, Zookeeper, some sweet Lego's, a Sonic toy and maybe some more UFC fighters like you so kindly got me last year. But please don't get me Tito Ortiz or Cain Velasquez because I despise them. Also, I'm an American so some Hot Wheels would be great to keep with my country's tradition. I like the band LMFAO, so if you could bring me their CD that would be so punk rock! I know you are extremely busy, but if you could get me some of this stuff I would be greatly overjoyed. God bless you and Mrs. claus and I Love Rudolph!! Sincerely yours, Clarke
PS. A Teddy Bear

* What ever is in green is what Clarke came up with on his own. :)