Monday, January 18, 2010

Elder Evan Allen Fast (farewell weekend)

Our handsome dear dear brother Opening gifts from Grandma and Grandpa

Admiring the ring all the kids got Mom. It was beautiful. It had all 7 kids different birthstones in it.

Wrestling Uncle Evan. I love little E in the corner. :)

Claire, Hudsen & Clarke (half an hour hug :))

How cute is Maci? I love this picture

Tough guys

Family Picture 2009

The Fast Family

I LOVE this picture.

Playing some baseball. It was so fun. Clubber Lang. Woot Woot!!

I couldn't get enough of Randy. He is so cute. He was so chill and mellow all weekend.

Enjoying some delicious ice cream

Dad set up this wall with a ton of Evans photos from when he was a baby till now. so cute!!

Seeing Evan say goodbye to Cooper was so sad. It hurt my heart.

So sad.

This is all to familiar. Poor Kal. We love you.

Santa was there

Kyle and Evan. They entered the MTC the same day.

Evan and Kallee

Getting ready to ROCK Guatemala!!! Woo!! This picture is my fav.

Sweet poses :)

And more :)

Prom Pose

And another :) They are so wierd, but I LOVE them!

Getting ready to say our goodbyes

We are so proud of you Evan!! We love you.

Clarke didn't really get it. He was being really funny and making us all laugh while we were all crying. Clarke- "Are you going on your mission by yourself?"

It broke my heart to see Hudsen cry. She understood that she wasn't going to see her Uncle Evan for a long time.

We are so proud of you Evan. We will miss you, but couldn't be more excited for you and this time in your life. Thank you for always being a great example to us all. We love you dear brother. GOD be with you till we meet again.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Going Private

We've decided to go private on our blog. If you would like to continue to read our blog. Leave me your e mail. Thanks

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Merry Christmas

Christmas 2009 - Hudsen (5) Clarke (2)

So cute. Clarke was so excited to get Daddy super hero PJ's. He's not the best at keeping secrets though. :)

My heart melts with this picture
Our little Coldger (soldier)
Clarke is finishing up Santa's left overs in the next 2 pics. I love the faces Hudsen makes. Silly Kids. :)

Having fun
Taking a break
Hudsens first catch with her glove

Love this picture!! Playing catch with Dad (my sexy hubby).
Cute little girl with her pink glove
Action shot

Hudsen riding her bike that Santa brought.

Christmas was such a wonderful fun day in our home. We woke up and saw what Santa had brought, opened presents, made Cinnamon Rolls, and played and played all day. In the evening we went over to my parents and stayed the night with them. Christmas with my cute little family really was so amazing. I just LOVE my family to pieces.

On Christmas Eve before I went to bed, I wanted to take a picture of our Christmas tree, as I tried to turn on our camera it wouldn't work, it would just make this crazy little noise. This has happened before with it, and I had to send it in and wait 2 weeks for it to get fixed. I was so upset and freaking out a little bit that I wouldn't have any pictures of my kids on Christmas morning. Ryan and I worked on it for about 45 min. with no luck. I was so upset, I wanted to cry. I guess I'm a picture freak. As I laid in bed, I prayed that It would miraculously work. About 2 minutes after my prayer I hopped out of bed and went to check our camera. IT WORKED!!!!!! Then I really did cry. I was so so soooo thankful. I'm a very blessed girl.