Monday, June 9, 2014


These cuties love to help their PTO mopmmies
Clarke working on his balance
Clarke show ing Grandma his pitch back
Allie smothering the animals like always  :)
Water fight with Grandma that Hudsen started

Baseball party

At Victor Bowl for Clarke's team party
Clarke and Coach Ryan

My life

These beauties both scored a goal at their game today!!
Allie went to 1 Mommy and Me class and her Teacher thinks she is ready for full on 1 on 1 swim lessons.  
I LOVE this guy!!
Eating after Devun's baptism
Sometimes we are white trash :)

The Mavs Game

Clarke and Bubba (best friends)
Clarke was super excited that Gavin could come with us!!
Sara and Hudsen (BFF's)
I LOVE those faces!!!
The crazy babies!!
They got their skin autographed with permanent marker.  :)
My and my sweet boy
Go Mavs!!

Fun times

This boy is always playing ball
Battle ship
Work it girl!!

Beverly Hills

We got to stay a weekend in Beverly Hills!!!  It was amazing!!
Me and my baby girl
The kids were excited to hold baby Oakley!
Family Dodger Game!!
Mommy and Hudsen Vone
Cutest little face
Clarke had some pretty sweet dives!
All the kids were worn out.  :)
Mother's Day 2014
We went to Phillipie's!  So yummy!!