Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Catching Up

Fun Memorial Day weekend, relaxing in Indio. Cutest sand face! At the Corona Del Mar

Hudsen looks so big in this picture. It makes me sad a little bit.

Clarke wanted Daddy to make him a Choo choo train but settled for a pyder.

Daddy made Hudsen into a Mermaid

Clarke fell and smacked his teeth on the floor. It was the saddest thing ever. I right away freaked out cause I just saw blood everywhere and I could see his teeth pushed back a little and didn't look normal. Ryan rushed home and we took him to the Dentist. Every thing checked out great. Although his teeth did move a little there were no chips or cracks and the Dentist said his teeth should settle back to normal after all the swelling was gone. He did so good. He is our tough little man. Thanks Melissa for watching Hudsen!

Having fun at the pool

We had been really worried about Hudsen's hearing. So we took her to see the Doctor. Her Doctor said she had fluid in her ears and said it was most likely from allergies. They gave her a hearing test. The Nurse asked her what her favorite animal was and she said it was a squirrel :) and every time she heard the sound she was supposed to say it. She didn't pass her test but every since she had started her allergy meds we have noticed a complete turn around. She is doing so much better.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's day was wonderful. I woke up and Ryan was awake with the kids making me his famous and my favorite French Toast. He and the kids were very sweet and got me a cute card 2 dodger shirts and dodger pj bottoms. I love them. Hudsen didn't go up with the Primary to sing and I asked why she said because she's too shy. So later that night she drew this picture of me and sang me, Mother Dear I love You So. It was very sweet. :)

I feel so very lucky to be a Mother. It is always crazy for me to think that Heavenly Father trusts me with 2 of his precious children. They are are such a blessing in my life, I love them so so much. Thank you Hudsen Vone and Clarke Ryan for coming into my life. I am so very proud to be your Mother. I love You.

Tars Party!!!

Clarke took me into our bedroom and said, "My friends youd (loud)", and gave himself a little Cat nap. :)
Grandma holding him trying to wake up the party pooper.

The Gang

Clarke hitting his Tars pinata.

Tracie hooked him up

My first attempt to make a cake. :)

Handsome little 2 year old.

Magic Mountain

I took the kids to Magic Mountain. Although it was very hot, we had a great time. Hudsen and Clarke love going on all the rides. Some worker there was handing out Moose hats and they both wore theirs the whole time, but by the time we left Clarke's antlers were gone. One from him being crazy and wreck less and the other was snagged from a goat that was chasing him in the petting zoo. So by the end of the day he was wearing a headband. :)

Serretta's Baby Shower

Hudsen and I drove up to Vegas with Mandi and her kiddos for Serretta's Baby shower. It turned out so nice. Mom and Aubri did such a good job. It was fun to be with family and watch all the cousins play. Clarke was the only grandchild missing that trip. He stayed home and hung out with Daddy and went to a Dodger game. :) Thanks you Mandi for letting us hitch a ride. we had fun with you guys.

Santa Monica

We went to Santa Monica wih Greg and Heather. I was so fun. Greg even watched all the kids so Heather and I could go in the water. :) Thanks guys!! We miss you!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Clarke!!

Happy Birthday Buddy!!!! I can't believe you are already 2. You are such a good boy and bring us all so much happiness. We love you!

Clarkes 2 year Favs

Favorite food- Noodles, Pizza, Meatballs anything sweet
Favorite show- Calliou, Foo Foo (zaboomafoo),
Favotite Movie- Cars, Baby Einstein,
Favorite super heros- Batman, pyderman (spiderman)
Favorite songs- Who let the dogs out, All the single ladies, Sunbeam, Monkeys jumping on the bed, popcorn, itzy bitzy pyder.
Favorite animals- Ah ha's (monkeys), Puppies, Taddys (kittys), sharks, basically all animals
Favorite people- Daddy, his Papas, Hudsen, Noah, Caleb
Favorite things to do- Wrestle, Fight, play Kong Fu Panda (Clarke is Mantis, Daddy is tylung, Hudsun is tigeress and Mommy is Viper), swing, play watch out, yellowing (coloring), painting, helping mommy cook and make cookies, take baths, going to the beach, being out doors.
Nicknames- Clark-E, Buster, Dude,
Attachments- Bebe (a special blanket that used to be Ryans when he was a baby)
Achievements- Goes to Nursery without crying, can count to ten sometimes higher, he can pray on his own, and is very close to being potty trained. :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Close My Eyes

Ryan came home from work and kissed me.

Hudsen- "I'm going to close my eyes cause little kids shouldn't see grown ups kiss."

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Ryan had a great idea for Family Night to go over to the Book Castle and get new scriptures. Because I still had my old ones with my Maiden name on them. When we were there we saw these cute little Book of Mormons. Hudsen was so excited to get one. She has been asking for them for a while now and it is so cute to see her pretend reading it. She also takes very good care of it and puts it in a special place so Clarke doesn't get to it.