Monday, September 19, 2011


In LOVE with these 3 little ones!!
* We didn't go to Ward Conference because, we were all a little stuffed up, and Little Miss Allie has a bad cough. At bath time Clarke tells me, "It's good we didn't go to church today because look." (He points to a bunch of fake tattoos on his arm). "They would probably call 911." :)

* Part of Clarke's prayer last night... Bless Dad to have Covedience. :)

* Tonight, Clarke was in charge of FHE. He did a great job!! He then asked if anyone would like to share their testimony. He went first and was so precious. Then Hudsen decided she wanted to share hers. Hudsen was so cute and precious as well. Hers was rather long. :) During hers Clarke leaned over to Dad and said, "Wow, That's a good testimony." :)

Mavericks Game

We went with our ward to a Mavericks Game for FHE one evening. It was so much fun. The Kids had a blast!!! Ryan ran across the field with Hudsen and Clarke for the kids run. Soo cute!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Things to Remember

Hudsen-- "When I'm famous my stage name will be Sparkle Jones!"

Clarke (4)-- "Hudsen, you are afraid of Nanny Mcphee huh?"
Hudsen (6)-- "Not anymore, I'm grown up now."

Clarke likes to send Dad texts every once in a while. I let him just go to town on my phone and then he translates for me, so I can text Ryan a translation. His last text said... I love you Dad. When are you coming home today? I miss you. I wish you can bring doughnuts and me and Hudesn a happy meal. Don't forget your wallet. Love Clarke.