Monday, September 17, 2012


 The Shamrock Girls working their magic!!
 This was on picture day
 Hudsen wanted me to take a picture of the back of her hair so she could see it.  :)
 Allie on her way to a day of Soccer
Hudsen scored her 1st goal today!!!   It was Sooooo  Awesome!!!  She was coming down the field passed up 2 girls and shot it and scored!!  Go Hudsen!!!!!!  We are so proud of you!!!!  You rock!!!


 Clarke scored his 1st goal at this game against the Silver Bullets.  It was an AWESOME goal!!!  Mommy and Daddy are Oh so very proud!  :)  His reaction was the BEST.  So he scored his Goal and Coach Jason, Daddy, Mommy, Grandma Fast, and the whole team and their Parents were Screaming, Yelling, and Cheering.  Clarke's 1st reaction was excitement then he ran to my lap crying.  That was a little too much attention for him.  :)  We told our kids that we would give them 5 bucks for their 1st goal and 2 bucks for any goal after that.  After his game on our way home.  He says to me,  "Where are my bucks?"  :)
 Clarke and Wyatt being tough
Some really cute Orange Gobblers!!!

Daddy's Baseball Games

 Allie and Issac

 Hudsen and Afton getting their roller blading on!!
 Love this Girl!!
 Workin It!!!
 Allie LOVES the Swings
 Clarke loves them too!
Cutest Sisters

random awesomeness

 Allie and Clarke LOVE riding the grocery cart car!!
 Happy 31st  Birthday Daddy!!!
 Back to School Night!!  Hudsen and her 2nd Grade Teacher  Mrs. Absher
 Allie Renee
 Allie loves feeding herself.  :)
 Hudsen received a math award award at her schools 1st assembly!!  Woo Hoo Hudsen!!
 Snuggling with Daddy
 School wears this little guy out.  He came home, sat at the counter and asked for a bowl of cereal, before I could get his cereal to him, he was out.  :)
 Clarke playing some defense
Watching Movies with the James!!!