Thursday, August 20, 2009

Babies in Heaven

I had to record this conversation I had with Hudsen. She is my sweet and curious little girl. She always has so many questions about everything. She LOVES babies and is very aware of the many sweet beautiful babies being born to lots of our friends and family members. This conversation started after her asking me if I liked a certain baby name. Hudsen is very motherly (bossy), and wants very badly to have a new baby sister or brother to help Mommy and Daddy love and care for. She has come up with some very interesting names. The ones she has thought of for her sister that I can remember off the top of my head are Hoedis, Glitteris, Merla, Mayla, Taysa, Tayson (there are so many more, she makes them up all the time. :)) And for her brother she only likes Jeffrey or Jason. ;)

The conversation went very similar to this.

Hudsen- "Mom, are there still babies in heaven that are waiting to come down?"

Me- " Yes, there are lots and lots of babies still in Heaven. Heavenly Father knows when their family is ready for them. When the time is right, Heavenly Father will put the little baby in the mommies tummy, where the baby will grow until the baby is healthy and strong enough to come out."

Hudsen- "oh...... I wonder when it's gonna be our turn."

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our Birthday Weekend

The sexy 28 and 26 year olds Ryan rockin it on the trampoline
Our cutie pies (Hudsen 4, Clarke 2)
At the Aquatic Center
Love this picture

Clarke was cold, his teeth kept chattering. He and I spent most of the time just watching everybody else swim. :)

I have a picture that looks exactly like this from last year. :)
Love that little face

Happy Birthday to Daddy!!! Hudsen wanted to make her daddy a Dodger cake. I of course don't know how to do that, so she decided blue and white candles would do.
We had a great relaxing birthday weekend. Ryan was able to get two days off work, and we had so much fun just being together. Friday we went to the Beach at Zuma. It was only us, but so much fun. Ryan got a nice base. :) I'm really sad I don't have any pictures of that day. On Sunday, we went to Grandma and Grandpa Moore's (Greema & Greempa as Clarke says it) and hung out and played games. I wish we had video of us playing these games that my Dad made up. It was hilarious!!! We also went to the aquatic center and went swimming. We love that place. Ryan watched the kids so I could go down the slide. I felt like a big dork waiting in line with a bunch of little kids, But the slide was fun. I laughed all the way down. We had so much fun together. On Tuesday morning, I woke up to Hudsen crying saying, "Daddy where are you?" :( Weekends are never long enough.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cute Stories

Hudsen is totally into watching little girly movies. We were at my parents house visiting and she was watching My Girl in their living room. Hudsen- "Mom it's over, That was so great!."

Clarke jumped off his little table and landed weird on his ankle. He had a rough night last night so we let him sleep with us. Around 5, he woke up crying again. Ryan asked him, "Hey buddy do you want me to sing you a song?" Clarke- "yeah" Ryan- " What song do you want me to sing?" Clarke- "Since you've been gone." I just thought it was hilarious it was 5 in the morning and Ryan was singing Since you've been gone by Kelly Clarkson to try and cheer Clarke up. :)