Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Big Bear

The kids and their cute snowman
Getting a big push by Brrrrryan
Daddy and Allie.  She didn't like sledding.  She was silent until they reached the bottom of the hill  :)
My beautiful Hudsen LOVED sledding. 
Hudsen Loves her cousin Lexi!!  They were basically glued to each others hip the whole weekend.  Lexi was so nice and invited Hudsen to sleep with her in the loft.  They stayed up late every night.  Hudsen was in heaven  :)
Hudsen and Ashley getting ready for a snowball fight.

Hudsen played minute to win it games with the adults.  Clarke would tackle everybody who would complete this ping pong ball challenge in time  :)
Snuggling with Lexi

Dad won Minute to Win it!!
Clarke wore himself out everyday.  This dare devil couldn't get enough of all the sledding and snowball fights.  He would play so hard everyday and crash on the couch after dinners.  :)  This is him on our way home from Big Bear, probably around 10:30 AM  :)
Hudsen got car sick on the way home. 
Crazy as ever
Clarke crashed and scrapped his face.  The next day his lips and cheeks had scabs.

He seriously fell asleep when ever he had down time  :)  He was cute and went to the store with me.  On our drive.  He looks over at me and says,  "You seriously have no clue where you are going do you?"  :)
Love that face!
Taking major air!
Watching Dora
My Brother Dan was so nice to invite us up to his Cabin in Big Bear.  We had the best time ever.  We went sledding every day in the back yard.  It was the best!, had snowball fights, played a million fun games, and of course DONKEY, Jake and Troy were the losers and had to drink mystery cups.  HAHA.   Lots of fun Memories we were made.  It was a great weekend.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy Valentines Day/ Jump Rope for Heart

I had so much fun being able to watch these cuties jump roping for heart

from my awesome hubby!


Allie wasn't feeling well so she tucked herself in our bed.  :)
Poor Clarkie doing more breathing treatments

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Baby Wyatt

Cute little Wyatt
Grandma and Wyatt
Allie and Wyatt
Me and my Girl waiting to meet our sweet little baby Wyatt.  I was excited to finally hold and snuggle him. 

Karson's Baptism

Karson is so cute!!  This was after he was baptised
Navi helping me and Grandma shop
We stopped on our way home and hiked the volcano!!
The kids loved collecting Lava rocks

At Burger King.  The kids all did so good.  It was a long trip because we had so many stops but I was so proud of all of them.

At the Dentist

No cavities for Hudsen and Clarke!!  Woo!!!

I love how Allie snuck into Clarkes picture  :)
Me and my little lady