Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas

Hudsen loved all the dress ups Santa left her.

Sweet little boy

Clarke loved his race track from Uncle Dan & Aunt Denise.

Hudsen loves her baby Annabelle from Grandma and Grandpa. She actually cries real tears and Hudsen wipes them up with tissues. She is a good Mommy.

We had a wonderful Christmas. Hudsen and Clarke didn't get up until 8:15 then we opened gifts played and relaxed all day.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Magic Mountain

Hudsen & Paisli

Hudsen and the pig. I can't think of his name.

Clarke having fun

Hudsen & Emmett

Taking a quick nap

Pretty little 4 year old.

Clarke & Hudsen

Merry Christmas to you all. It is Christmas morning and I am the only one awake. I am really excited for Hudsen and Clarke to see what Santa has brought them but they seem to want to sleep in this morning. :) So I thought since I can't go back to sleep why not get caught up on our blog. Every year on the Monday before Christmas Grandma and Dougpa take us to Magic Mountain. This is one of the many traditions that we have and enjoy. It is always so nice cause there is never anybody there and we get to walk on all the rides. Thank you Grandma & Dougpa we had so much fun!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our Ugly Gingerbread House

This is our ugly ginger bread house. For some reason our roof kept sliding off. Oh well! The kids loved it and had so much fun eating all the candy while they worked on it. Oh yah, I don't have a lot of your addresses. If you would like a Christmas card from us, send me your address at .

Friday, December 12, 2008

Birthday Girl

Hudsen's 4 year Interview

Favorite color- Purple

Favorite food- Meatballs

Favorite Movie- Tinker belle, My Little Pony

Best Friend- All My Friends :)

Favorite Flower- Lily

What she wants to be when she grows up- Princess

Favorite Song- Purple Diamond (she made it up)

Who she wants to marry- "Nobody, I don't want to be married yet."

Something special she wanted to say- "I love my Daddy, & Mommy, Clarke-e and I love my Grandmas and Grandpas. Grandpa Rey, Grandpa Gary, Grandma Martha and Grandma Meegan.

Here is a picture of some of her good buddies. Some friends had already left before I took this picture.

Today is our beautiful Hudsen Vone's Birthday. She is now the big 4. We had a few friends over for a little party. It was a fun day. Happy Birthday sweet Hudsen. We Love you!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Hudsen The Wise

Hudsen- "Mom, Slow down you are going to get another ticket, and be sad, and cry again."

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Letters to Santa

On Monday for FHE we wrote letters to Santa.

Clarkes just said, Dear Santa at the top and then he scribbled every where then at the bottom it said Love, Clarke.

Here is Hudsen's letter, These are her exact words. We thought it was a little rude, I tried convincing her to at least add in that she was a good girl this year, but she didn't want to. She liked her letter the way it was.

Hey Santa, Can you bring a Barbie truck for me? And some Belle dress ups or just lots of dress ups. Love Hudsen

She keeps getting excited about the Barbie Truck. She has been talking about it for a while now. I keep explaining to her that we don't always get what is on our list and that the Barbie truck might be too big for Santa to fit down our chimney. So we will see how goes. :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Lots of catching up

Thanksgiving was great, we went up to Hesperia, to Rey & Mel's house. This was the first Thanksgiving for Mel and I not to have a Mom or Mother in-law around, so all the cooking was left to the two of us and I think we pulled it off. It was a yummy little feast and so much fun hanging out and visiting. Thanks Rey & Mel, we totally miss you guys.

Yay!! We moved and I'm loving it. Friday morning I left the house at 4:50 to do a little holiday shopping and got home and moved for the remainder of the day. I got sick which is very rare for me. I think I wore myself out. It totally stunk not feeling well so that I couldn't get stuff put away. We are still in Santa Clarita but not in our old ghetto apartment. For those of you who have been there you know what I mean. I really am going to miss the corn man and the lunch/produce truck. That was pretty cool. :) Thank you to all that helped with the move, you are all amazing.

Saturday, Ryan took Hudsen on a date to go see Madagascar with the Baldrees. It was so cute to see them as they got ready. She was so excited. Our kids love their one on one time and I think it is so fun and important to have that. Hudsen had brought her purse and wallet with her and she had about a total of $1.50 with her. She kept telling Ryan on the way there that she was going to pay for the movie, popcorn and candy. That's my girl! :)

We were at Walmart today and Clarke was being as crazy as ever. I think I put his shorts back on him a total of 3 times in the hour that we were there. I don't know were he gets all his energy from, Ryan and I were pretty mellow kids. Hudsen was good, she started to quiet down and then all of a sudden I look over and she is asleep. I had my camera in my purse so I had to take pictures.