Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Our Elf, Griffin lets the kids play with hi on Christmas Eve.  They LOVE him!!!  Clarke decided not to stay the night with Grandma and Grandpa because he wanted extra play time with Griffin.

The kids decorated yummy cookies for Santa and got the carrots ready for the reindeer.

Christmas morning.  The kids loved all the spaecial gifts Santa brought.

More Christmas

Allie in her pretty Christmas dress
At Grandma and Grandpa Moores Christmas Party.  Clarke made that awesome gingerbread house in Mrs. Conrads class
Kyle put Allie to sleep.  Which like NEVER happens  :)
At Uncle Gary and Aunt Julies for Christmas Eve Brunch
Allie loves her cereal!!

Lots of Christmas Activities

Granite Hills Ward Christmas Party.  The Awesome Polar Express!!
Clarke sitting on Manny's lap  :)
Clarke and Allie at his class Christmas party
Clarke and his reading buddy Richard
Hudsen and Allie and Hudsen's class Christmas party
Clarke did an awesome job at his Christmas Program!!
Hudsen and Itzel

Grandma Joel's annual Christmas Party

Our pretty little Angel
Its tradition to go around and check out all the horses
Allie was excited about the horses  :)
We went with Ev and Kal and Rey, Mel and kids to check out the awesome lights.  I think in Upland.  It was so fun!!!  The kids LOVED it!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


We stopped at Albertsons to hurry and say hi to Santa.  Allie is obsessed with him but didn't really like sitting on his lap.  She just likes saying his name a million times.  :)

It's great to be 8!! Hudsens Birthday

Our Beautiful Hudsen turned 8!!!   I can not believe how big she has gotten.  It is so bitter sweet. 
This is Hudsens 2nd grade class.  We had cupcakes and Capri Suns to celebrate her Birthday!!
Opening presents with of course Clarke and Allie near by.  :)
Hudsen and her pretty cake, Daddy made.
This was also Daddies doing...
And this...   :)
Allie didn't like the cake on their faces
Hudsen friends at her Dance Party.  It was fun.  We had Anna come and paint their nails super cute!!

Hudsens 8 Year Old Interview---

Favorite food-  Burrito with Green sauce
Show-  Kickin it
Movie-  Home Alone
Restaurant- Del Taco
Color- Black and Pink
Animal-  Kitties
Band- 1 Direction
Song- Lullaby
Sport-  Soccer
Favorite thing to do? Play on the Monkey bars and read
What are you excited for?  Christmas and my Baptism
Why?  To get my sins washed away
Who is going to baptize you?  Daddy
If you could have one wish what would it be?  A great Christmas time with my Family.
If you could be really good at something what would it be?  Soccer, Telling hard time, and passing hard tests.
Where would you like to serve your mission?  Hawaii
Which temple will you be married in?  LA
What does Daddy, Mommy, Clarke, and Allie always say to you?
Daddy-I love you Hudsen
Mommy-  I love you Hudsen
Clarke-  Lets fight
Allie-  Hudsen!!!!!!!
What do you believe in?  God, Jesus, the scriptures, Santa, the Tooth fairy, Jack Frost, and the sand man.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gingerbread House 2012

Our Gingerbread House
They did a great job!!!

We had the Gibbons over for Family night and decorated Gingerbread Houses!!  It was a fun night!

More December goods

I went on an over nighter with the young women to the Los Angeles Temple!!

Allie getting comfortable at Target

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December Fun

Helping Daddy make some copies
Eating a late night snack.
Hudsen and Emree decorating Christmas cookies
Cute cousins
Snuggle time
Getting bundled up to go watch Daddy and Uncle Evan play Basketball.

Griffin painted the kids noses red while they were sleeping!!!
Crazy boy!!
Allie snuggling with Uncle Rey