Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Hudsen Vone

Hudsen- "Grandma's can't say bad words, because they're kind."

Hudsen was trying to remember all the names of the 7 dwarfs, but called Grumpy, Bothery. :)

Hudsen wanted me to do her hair in pig tails like Penny on the movie Hairspray. She loves Penny in that movie. Me- Do you like Tracey? Hudsen- Yes (laughing) Me- What's so funny? Hudsen- Because Tracey is fat and Linc is straight (skinny :)) and fat and straight people shoudn't mix.

This is part of Hudsen's prayer last night. "Please bless that our baby can come back to us."

Just wanted to record these so that I can always remember some of the silly and sweet things our Hudsen Vone would say to make us smile.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sleeping Beauties

Easter Eggs

Like always they had fun coloring Easter eggs. This year Hudsen took time on each one to make it extra pretty. Clarke was done with each egg pretty quick. He had an egg in about every color.


Clarke and Coach


Hudsen and Clarke both statrted up Gymnastics. They are loving it and are so fun to watch.

Gary's 30th Birthday

Gary taking some air Playing in the sand

Uncle Gary taught Hudsen how to ride both a quad and motorcycle.

Hudsen thinking she's pretty cool, that she can ride while standing.
Little Dare Devil
Mom and Gary
We celebrated Gary's 30th Birthday at Dumont Dunes. It was our first time there and we had a blast. We went hiking, went in some pretty crazy caves, rode the quads, and just hung out. It was so much fun. Mom and Dad slept in back of their truck. I will never forget seeing Mom trying to hold down their canopy after some rain and wind started up. The wind seemed like it was going to lift her right up. Dads glasses got knocked off so he couldn't help. It was the funniest thing ever. Gary, Julie and I still crack up thinking about it. :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

1st day of Pre-school

Hudsen Vone

First day of Pre-school with Miss Ellen

Big Bear

Clarke loving the snow Reagan, Hudsen and their snow balls
Ryan pulling the kids around
I went to Snow Summit with the Boys. I skied so I could try and keep up. They totally kicked my butt, but it was still a lot of fun. Even though my legs were burning like crazy. :/

The kiddos, minus Noah and Sariah
We went to Big Bear with the Evans and the Baldrees and had a great time. Hopefully a start of a new tradition every year. :)


Girls night out at Menchies. YUM!! Our Tuga Tacks!!!
Tired little Mama
The kids love the little shopping carts at Ralphs

The Roxy

We had dinner at Ketchup. It was pretty awesome.
Tarah and Shannon
Dan rockin out!!

We went to The Roxy to see After Midnight Project. They were awesome!! It was fun to be able to sing along this time. :)

One on One

My Beautiful Hudsen
I love the way she looks at her self in the mirror. So cute!! She loved this dress. We didn't get it because I thought it was hideous.
At Best Buy buying our After Midnight Project CD. Woot Woot!!!
I love having one on one time with my kids. I think it is so important and so much fun. We had fun going to Ross and trying on a bunch of dresses. I Love my girl!!

Hudsen and Clarke's Projects

These are some of Hudsen and Clarke's Home, Pre-school, and Nursery/Primary projects and art work. Most of their stuff is so hard for me to throw away because it is all so cute. But It was taking way to much room, so I heard of this idea from my Sister in-law Julie. That way I can throw most of it away and still be able to come back and look at it if I want.. Thanks Julie!! ;)