Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Party

At Jessica's for a Party How cute is this little Spider man bum?
Playing Musical chairs

Giving Sariah a little smooch.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

We carved pumpkins last Satuarday with Ryan and Mel. Hudsen loved it and had a lot of fun. She helped clean out our pumpkin and cut out the little star in it. Clarke's and Ryans pumpkin is of course the L.A one. Ryan my nephews is the Monster one, and Mel's is the jack-o-lantern. Clarke wasn't really into it, he didn't like the way it felt. he was more of a spectator. Later that night Gary and Julie joined us. We took the kids to the baby sitters and we went to fright Fest at Magic Mountain. I am so mad because I forgot my camera but I took one with my phone but I need to learn how to download it to my computer. Anyways, It was so fun. Ryan was a trooper and went through a maze with me. I don't know why but I think Ryan is so cute when he gets scared. There was two seperate times that he got scared. The first time he just jumped, the second time we were in the maze and the hooded man as Ryan calls him came out and he totally dropped to his knees. It was pretty funny, he is so cute. I LOVE him!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Osa's puppies

Osa, Grandma and Grandpa's Dog had Puppies. They are so cute and chubby!!! Hudsen and Clarke La La Love them.

Random Pics

Our little guy is now potty trained. Woo!!! He has been for over a month now. We are so proud of you Clarke. Playing Play Station with Daddy
This was taken after one of our beach trips. Hudsen fell asleep. :)
Hudsen being silly wearing Clarke's old onesees
These are some freaky masks we made one day. They are a little creepy.

Colbys Baptism

Colby getting ready to open his gifts5 of the 7

Paca & Veratoss

These are or neighbors cats Paca and Veratoss. Im not really a cat person, but these cats are really nice and the kids love them. They want a kitty or really any pet so bad.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Bridge Port

Clarke's Hulk faceMy Girl
Tanner caught a turtle
Hunter holding a duck
Kallee & Evan
This is a duck we named Fro. She is there every time we go. She drives us nuts because she hogs all the food from all the other ducks and turtles.
We LOVE LOVE LOVE these kids!!
Uncle Evan with Hudsen and Clarke. They love Uncle Evan and are really going to miss him when he leaves on his mission but we are all so proud of him. Evan just received his mission call, he will be serving in Guatemala, Guatemala City North Mission. We Love You, Dear Brooother!!!
We had fun with Evan, Kal, Hunter and Tanner. They came to visit us for a bit. So we went to feed the ducks at Bridgeport and then went to lunch. It was fun.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hair cut #2

Hudsen woke up one morning and asked if she could have her hair cut. I thought sure, That sounded fun but she needed to call and ask her Dad to get his permission. Ryan said yes of course. So we went and had it cut to her shoulders. She LOVES it!! She originally wanted bangs but once we got there we decided not to get them.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hurricane Harbor

Hudsen & Elle all bundled up.

Hudsen enjoying some good water slides. :)
Clarkes Favorite was, "the Lady River" (Lazy River)
Getting some Sun!!
So tired after a long fun day
Being Silly

We joined the Romines at Hurricane Harbor. It was our first time going and we had so much fun. The kids were in heaven, there were 2 kids little areas and so many little slides to go on. Hudsen was actually tall enough to go on one of the bigger rides. So she was super excited and loved it. Clarke loved the Lady river as he calls it, that's actually my favorite too. I could be in there for hours. We just love Justin and Jillian and their kiddos. Thanks for inviting us we had so much fun. We really miss you guys.

At Home Pre School

This year, I'm teaching Hudsen Pre School from home. It has been pretty fun and we've been doing really good so far. This was our first day. Hudsen wanted to take pictures with her Lunch bag like last year and of course Clarke had to join in on all the fun. :)

Crazy Fire

This is one of the recent California fires. I took these on my drive up to visit My Mom and Dad. It was pretty freaky and hard to breath even in my car.