Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

Hudsen the Pirate

Clarke the Ninja

Allie the Cat (1st Halloween)

Lots and lots of candy! Hudsen has more cause after a while Clarke decides he has enough. :)

Fun night of Trick or Treating with Cousins. (Allie was sleeping in the stroller) :)

Hudsen was acting tough in her pictures

Clarke has got some sweet poses!

My 9 month old little Angels 1st Halloween!!

Our Tough, Cute, and Dangerous little ones

Daddy and Allie

At our wards Trunk or Treat!! We invited our neighbors, and had so much fun. The kids were even brave and went in the haunted house. Clarke went twice!! (Cadee, Hudsen, Christian, Jose, and Clarke.)

Carving Pumpkins. Daddy did his famous brain one. Everybody at the Trunk or Treat LOVED it. I was lame and didnt get pictures of our finished pumpkins. :(

Hudsen and Dad did most of the carving. Clarke was outside most of the time, planting pumpkin seeds. :)

Love my Girl!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A letter to Hudsen's Primary Teacher

Hudsen wrote a letter for her Primary Teacher and shared it with me. I thought it was so precious, I asked her if I could copy it to save on our blog.

To Sister Hejis
From Hudsen Fast

I love God! I Love Jesese! I want to get baptis! I will CTR! I will cepe the cumamins! I will go on my michn! I will get mered in the temple!

Grumpy Ol Troll

We have this super grumpy neighbor, whom we have nick named The Grumpy Ol Troll. The other week the kids were playing baseball and hit a ball into his front yard. They went to get their ball and he started yelling at them saying if they came onto his yard again, he would call the cops. This really freaked Clarke out. He has been scared to go outside to play because he doesn't want to get rested, as he calls it. :) It was really sad. Clarkie is doing better though, he still gets a little nervous sometimes. Well anyways last night Ryan gave an awesome FHE lesson. It was about how we are all Heavenly Fathers children and he loves all of us. Ryan started naming a bunch of people and telling the kids that Heavenly Father and Jesus Love all of us. Even the Grumpy Ol Trolls name was brought up. :) Today, on our walk to pick Hudsen up from school Clarke says, "Mom, Jesus loves the Grumpy Ol Troll too huh?" :)


Hudsen received the Scholar Award for her 1st Grade class! We are so proud of our little smarty pants!! In Love with this 8 month old

Allie is not a snuggler. I am sooo enjoying this moment!!

The only good thing about a sick baby is lots of cuddle time. ;)

Jumping High


Love this face!! (the big one) :)

Coolest 4 year old I know!

Just Thinking

My Thoughts... Last night Clarke came into our room and hopped into bed with me because he was scared. I never want to forget how good it felt to hold him, or anyone of my kids in situations like these. I LOVE them all so much. They are growing up way too fast for me. It makes me feel good that they always come to me for comfort and to feel safe. It makes me think of my Mother and how much I Love her. And how she can always makes things better. I'm so very blessed and very thankful for the wonderful beautiful mother that I have.