Friday, June 26, 2009

Beach Day

Our two beautiful kids that look nothing alike. :) Clarke was hangin out with the ladies.
Cute Girls
Clarke climbing the rocks

Clarke loves Cooper and Colby. He kept inviting them to come to over to his house.
Mommy & Clarke

We met Family and Friends at Corona Del Mar for a fun day at the beach.

Tired Little Fella

Clarke was tired so he decided to lay down on the floor put his blanket over his head and fall asleep.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lots of fun with Family & Friends

My 2 cute boys I love this girl

Sad little guy

Driving the Airplane

Hudsen and Anneliese. They had so much fun together.

Hudsen likes this ride but held on to Aubri the whole time. :)

We had such a fun weekend. It Started with Daniel, Aubri and Emmett coming over Thursday night after Ryan's basketball game. On Friday we went to Magic Mountain with them, along with Jason and Claire and 2 of their kiddos. It was a little more crowded than normal but still, a lot of fun. Rey and Mel came over after we got home to spend the night. Then on Saturday, we headed over to Zuma Beach, a beach my parents always took us to growing up. Gary, Julie, Devun and Brynne met up with us. It was so much fun. The weather was even really nice. I never got in the water this time but is was so fun for me just to hang out and watch everyone. We played baseball, of course Girls against Boys and, us girls kicked some booty :). Then everybody started catching the biggest sand crabs I have ever seen. They filled up a big bucket full of them. it was pretty cool. Ryan had to leave a little early to go play in our wards baseball championship tournament. We got home just in time to see the very end of the last game and we won. Yeah CC2!!! :) On Sunday, Scott, Mandi and their kids came over and stayed the night. We barbecued and watched the Lakers win the finals. Woo! It was really fun to see them. Hudsen and Clarke were seriously in heaven being surrounded by their cousins and friends. Thanks for coming everybody, It was a Blast!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Good at secrets, but not at whispering

Today, the kids and I went out and picked out a tie and a few other things for Ryan for fathers day. I, of course, reminded Hudsen that it was a gift so we had to keep it a secret from Daddy until Fathers day. She says she wont tell him and we even pinky promised.

So after dinner we are all hangin out on the couch and Hudsen trys to whisper to me, " Mom I wont show Dad the stuff we got him."

Me- "Hudsen I told you not to bring it up." ( so now Ryan knows we got him something. and if you know Ryan he is not good at surprises and will try to guess what it is or try to have you tell him what it is or have you give it to him early. :))

Ryan kept asking Hudsen what it was and she wouldn't tell him. she kept saying , "No Dad it's a surprise." Well we have this tradition that every Fathers day we get him a new tie. So Ryan asks Hudsen, "Is it a tie" to see what she would say and she told him straight to his face, "no, we didn't get you that." She totally lied and played it off. By then I was cracking up because she straight up lied to him and was so believable. He was even convinced that we didn't get him a tie. Then she turns to me and says in a loud whisper for all to hear. "Don't worry Mom, I'm just teasing that we didn't get him a tie." :) Ryan and I just started bustin' up. At least she kept our secret right? :)