Sunday, November 22, 2009

Funny Kids

* This happened during the world series. Clarke and Daddy were sitting on the couch watching and Clarke looks over at Dad and says, "Hey Daddy, Phillies or Yankees?"

* Ryan- "Clarke why did you pee on your sister?" Clarke- "Because, I wanted to spray her."

* Clarke had broken another pair of Ryan's head phones. Ryan- "Clarke you don't break any of Daddy's things, any of Mommy's things or any of Hudsen's things. It's not nice." Clarke- "Can I break my things?"

* Clarke has had a little trouble sleeping lately, he keeps saying he is scared. Last night he came out saying, "There's a butt in my room." So I went in to check out this butt he was talking about. When I went back in, he pointed out a shadow on the wall that came from their laundry basket. He said. "See the butt shape mom?" I had to laugh it was so funny. It even had a crack. :) I tried taking a picture of this butt, but it didn't turn out.

* Hudsen and Clarke were playing really cute together. Clarke was on our bed and Hudsen was tickling him, and they were both laughing. Ryan and I looked at them and smiled. Hudsen- "We are trying to play nice so Santa can come."

* Hudsen was in charge of Family Home Evening this week. She had us paint our hands and we made a big family turkey out of it. It was really cute. I told her of an idea I had to make them even cuter and she said, "That's a really good idea Mom, but I'm in charge."

Lots & Lots of Catching up

***WARNING*** lots of pictures Watching the Pine wood derby

Silly faces

Hudsen is our little clothes designer. A lot of the stuff she comes up with is sometimes really cute. This is something she put together out of my old Halloween inmate costume.

At the L.A. Temple, then off to Juniors

Hudsen and Vanessa

Sophia's 1st Birthday

Playing in the baby dolls pack n play

Eating yummy cookies at Grandmas

Looking at baby pictures. - Clarke was upset with me when ever he saw a picture of himself crying and would say, "Mommy, why didn't you pick me up?"

Blowing Bubbles

At Jake's (#42) Football game. These kids are so little and sooooo good.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Halloween

Our cute Super Hero's. I Love Hudsen and all her many Poses. Cute Girl!!

Spider Man

Bat Girl

My Boys
Mom and Dad. Business in the front party in the back. :)
Clarke-e, Uncle Evan, and Hudsen

The kids table at The Habit
Trick or Treat
Clarke was being a stink bug and wouldn't wear his costume to go trick or treating. I guess he was tired of wearing it at our ward party earlier so he had enough with it. He did wear his hat though. :) Cute Boy!!! We love him.

Cutie pies
Cute girls. Hudsen tired of taking pictures, and trying to figure out her smile. :)
Grandma and Grandpa with the gang. This picture is missing Sariah, Blake, Reese, and Lane.
Hudsen and Grandpa. Grandpa would carry Hudsen from house to house.
Clarke and Hudsen's loot. This does not include Trunk or Treat candy. They got so much.
Love this picture!! Clarke and Grandma talking and reading books.
We had such a fun Halloween. We were so glad Mom, Dad, and Evan could be with us. Thanks for coming and visiting us. We LOVE you!!

Pumpkin Patch

Hudsen rode Ruby the biggest horse. Hudsen picking out her pumpkin.
Clarke riding on Blackie. He LOVED it!!

Hudsen and Clarke enjoying the train ride.

We all went to Lombardi Ranch, one Saturday. It was very hot out, but still so much fun.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Convo's to Remember

Hudsen was really sad we took off our Dodger sticker off our truck.
Hudsen- "Mom, why are you taking off our Dodger sticker? We like the Dodger's."
Me- "I know we like them, but we just want to take it off for a while. Maybe later we will put another sticker on that we like."
Hudsen- "What about a Jesus sticker? We like Jesus."

Clarke was going to the bathroom and Hudsen walked in.
Clarke- "It stinks in here Hudsen, sorry."

Clarke was going to the bathroom.
Clarke- "mom look there is paper in my poop."
So I take a close look.
Me- "oh there is paper in it, it looks like a sticker."
Clarke- "Yeah, I ate the sticker on my apple."