Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Trip to Enterprise

Daddy knew I needed some time to go visit my sister and best friend, so he sent us to go visit TIA!!!  We had such a great time.  Lots of fun memories made!!  Me and Grandma kept kicking Tia and Uncle Karl's butt in Hole in the Wall.  LOL!!  We went fishing our first night!!  The kids loved it!!  Allie liked playing in the mud.  :0
Cute little girls
And they both got one!!
What a surprise these girls are naked!!  Haha.
Visiting cousins
Crazy little man
Cousin love
I LOVE this picture of Hudsen and Karson
So beautiful

Clarke's hand stand.  This place is so fun!!  They had this Really big slide and I convinced Hudsen and Clarke to go down.  They were nervous but after they went down the 1st time they LOVED it. 

Clarke was having a hard time getting back to the shallow.  Hudsen pulled him all the way across the pool so he could get back to me.
Such a sweet good sister

The kids joined us on a walk.  They rode their scooters

At Red Cliffs for a fun Hike and some small cliff diving!!

It was so much fun!!  We had a blast!!  All the kids except the 2 babies jumped.  They are so brave.  Karson even jumped the highest one.

Allie naked again
Me!!  LoL!!

On our way home we decided to make a quick trip to Zion.  It was so beautiful!!

Hudsen found  biggest blowy thingy I have ever seen!!
Catching tadpoles
Allie found a rock that she used as a phone.  She kept calling Grandpa on it  :)

Allie dropped her rock phone
Walking down the river
I cant get over how beautiful Zion is.  I didn't really take many pictures of the scenery but It was incredibly beautiful!!
We stopped by this cute store.  This is Chief Wind Talker.  He tooted every time you walked by him.  Clarke loved him!!

On our way home to go see Daddy!!!