Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Random Pics

Sad Lion and Happy Lion

Snuggle time with the little lady

Clarke holding little sis

Allie's Baby Blessing

Allie was blessed by her Daddy on March 6th 2011. In the Ranchero Ward. Ryan gave her a beautiful blessing. We then went over to Grandma and Grandpa Moore's for a nice brunch. It was so nice to have so many family and friends there to support us. We love you!

Moving Day

Not sure if you can really see but Clarke, Hudsen, and Ryan are in the Uhaul truck. :) Allie ready for a big day!

We have been so blessed to be able to stay with my Mom and Dad. Thank you Mom and Dad for putting up with us for so long, we love you!! You are the best!! And even more blessed to have found a house in Apple Valley to rent. We are really loving it! Great ward, great neighbors, it will be even better once Hudsen gets into a Great school. :) She is on the waiting list.


Hudsen thinks standing up and holding her baby sister is the coolest thing.

Playing Play Station holding Socks

Ears Pierced

3 weeks old

It is tradition in my family to have Mom/Grandma pierce our ears. She pierced Mine, Hudsens, several others in the family and now Allie's. She did so good, and looks so beautiful.

Allie's 1st Bath

This was Allie's 1st Bath. Hudsen wanted to help, and was such a big helper. Allie loved her bath. :)


Our little guy got Bronchitis. Here he is being silly doing his breathing treatments.

Beiber Fever!!

I took Hudsen to go see the Justin Bieber Movie in 3D, the day it came out. We had so much fun!! It was crazy loud in there with a bunch of little girls with Bieber fever. :) Hudsen was so cute and even screamed a ton and sang along. :) She loved it!!! These arent the cutest pics of us, just wanted to remember our fun night.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Our Angel Allie

I think this one is my absolute favorite. So sweet!!

I have to thank my friend Heather for taking these awesome pictures of Allie. We love them all. She came out beautiful. These are seriously all priceless! Check out Heather's Blog @ www.heathergibbonsphotography.blogspot.com