Saturday, July 25, 2009

On the Road Again

Nice & Cozy Hudsen playing
Emmett Chillaxin
Clarke dancing
This is our tire after the tread flew off. :(
The Nicest Highway Patrol Ever
Thank Heavens for Wally's Auto. :)
Sweet little new Nephew Randy
Clarke was so proud that he got to hold Maci
Hudsen admiring her beautiful cousin
Aunt Leora reading to the kids before bed
Dressing up with Claire
Playing in the fountain after the movie
Hudsen feeding Emmett some Yogurt. She loves to be the big helper.

Ahh, So cute!
Clarkes first time riding on a horse.

I love this picture
We were by the pigs. Clarke- "ah mells, ah gusting."
Hudsen milking a cow
Hudsen & Claire

Clarke got so messy
Hudsen enjoying her ice cream
We had a really fun road trip up to Utah to try and make it for Maci's blessing and to finally meet her and to also meet our newest nephew Randy. We left really early Sunday morning so that we could make it in time for the blessing but our plans soon changed when the tread flew off the front tire. Clarke thought it was so funny cause it was loud and bumpy he started laughing. Aubri and I had just been talking about how we didn't really know how to change a tire about 30 minutes prior and then this happened. Luckily a really nice highway patrol man stopped and totally did everything for us. He said we were very lucky that usually when this happens the whole car will flip. We were so blessed, Aubri pulled over safely and that no cars were around us when it happened. After he put the spare tire on he told us it was flat. So Aubri had to drive in Reverse to the on ramp so we could get off. LOL!! It was so funny, well not her driving. ;) So the Highway patrol guy escorted us to Wally's Auto and filled up our tire with air. Then we headed back to Mesquite to go get a new tire. So with this happening, we sadly missed the Blessing but we were able to make it for part of the Luncheon. The Luncheon was great, with our long trip driving we were all extremely excited to get out of the car. The rest of our trip was fun just visiting and letting the cousins play. Clarke LOVES "Cwaire." He still asks about her all the time. We went to Ikea, Target, To the movies to see Ice Age, to my favorite Cafe Rio, Thanksgiving Point, and just hung out and visited it was great! Thanks giving Point was awesome! The kids loved it! There were a bunch of Farm animals that they could pet and feed and at the end they all went on a pony/horse ride. Our ride home was a lot better. We stopped to let the kids have a little break from the car and all got ice cream. It was hot, messy but fun. Then that night Uncle Danul/Deeno put on the best Fire work show ever. :) It was a lot of fun. Thanks Aubri for the fun Trip! We miss all the cousins already.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4th of July

4th of July was fun. We went swimming and barbecued hamburgers with Chris, and the Baldrees. Then the kids did Poppers and confetti stuff. We had yummy apple pie and had Vanilla ice cream for dessert. The kids and I took off for Vegas around 7 and we saw really pretty fire works coming down the hill into Vegas. It was so cool.


Our Gorgeous little Poser Clarke got new swim trunks with a matching Hat that is way too small but he LOVES it. He even wore it in the pool. :)

Swimming the Day the KIng of Pop Died

These were Taken June 25, 2009 the day Micheal Jackson Died. My cousin Martha and her cute little girl Sophia came over to swim. It was Sophia's first time swimming in a pool and she totally LOVED it. She was so cute. It wasn't till after we were done before I got a text from Ryan That Micheal Jackson had died. I didn't believe him at first, so he told me to turn on the TV and it was all over the news. I was seriously in shock, I was brought back to my younger years when we always listened to his music and watched him dance. I think my brother Gary had a lot of influence on me Loving him and now he's gone. So Sad.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Miniature Golfing

This is Hudsen and Clarke's first time Miniature golfing. They were really cute to watch. Hudsen is a lefty so It was kind of hard to teach her but she did really well, and every time I would stand behind Clarke to help him the top of the club would hit his mouth after we would swing and make him cry. It was pretty sad. He did a lot better with out my help. They had a lot of fun at Scandia with Grandma, Austin and Morgan. Thanks Grandma.

At Grandma & Grandpa Moores

Having fun at Grandma and Grandpa's house with a bunch of cousins.

Picnic with Grandma

Clarke thought he was pretty cool in the deep water
Hudsen and Morgan posing for the camera

These cuties had so much fun together
Hudsen put on her own sunscreen.

Grandma took the kids to have a picnic in the mountains and the kids had so much playing in the little stream/river. It was really a lot of fun. I want to go back soon. The only ones missing in this picture is myself and Austin. He was off playing in the water. Thank you, Grandma for a fun day.

Uncle Reys & Aunt Mels

Emree was so cute and kept cuddling with Gavin
I love the way Clarke is looking at his Hero. I only wish Hudsen didn't come out Blurry.
Having fun on the slip n slide.
Having fun with Braxton and Gavin
We had a fun weekend end with Rey, Mel and the kiddos. We went out on a double date Friday night, out to dinner to Nasty Apple Bees :) and then to go see Transformers. Then on Saturday we went to the gym and the kids went to the day care there. It was so nice and fun to work out with Mel at the gym. I haven't worked out at a gym since high school and I totally miss it. It was really fun. Then the Gibbons came to their house and we just relaxed and hung out. It was good times. Thanks Rey and Melanie for having us. We really miss you.