Friday, November 30, 2012

Orange Gobbler's Pizza Party

 Clarke is proud of his new trophy!
 We went to Round Table for a pizza party.  We had a great time.
 We are so proud of our little guy.  He scored his 1st goal this season.

 We LOVE Coach Jason!!  It was really cute, before he gives out each trophy he says a little speech about each kid.  He said, I know I'm not supposed to have favorites but this kid is sooooo cool! 
Some friends

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Evan & Kallee Fast

 Our 3 beautiful Babies
 Hudsen was so excited to be a flower girl.  Even more excited to have Kallee be her Aunt.
 Allie in her beautiful dress and Headband made by her very talented Tia Aubri.
 Allie loves her Dougpa
 Emmett and Clarke----  Some beautiful Flower girls below.
 Allie and Momma

 Daddy loves his Allie girl
 Mr. & Mrs. Evan Fast.  Hooray!!!!  Evan and Kallee were married November 3rd, 2012 at the Redlands Temple.  Their sealing was so beautiful.  It was so cool that Bishop Tait was able to seal them.  We were all so happy and emotional to see our awesome youngest brother Evan be sealed to his beautiful amazing Bride Kallee.  He used to wear glasses and I'm very proud to say that I WAS taller than him.  But this was a long time ago.  :)  We love you Evan and Kallee and we are so happy for you.

 Aww.  I LOVE Opa.  He is the best!!!
 Baby Steele is too darn cute!!  I love that little guy.
 Allie kept busy coloring  :)
 Jane, Allie and Afton.  The baby flower girls  :)

 These girlie's are so adorable

 Hudsen was so happy to hold Aunt Kallee's flowers for her
 Hudesn and Paisli
 Gavin and Clarke rockin out
 Dad and Hudesn
 Allie's boyfriend got married today.  She LOVES Evan and calls him ah-naa
The band had already left, but Clarke wanted me to record some of his break dancing.  :)

Happy Halloween 2012

 Trick or Treating with cousins.  The Gang minus Jace.
 Allie biting her toes  :)

 I switched Allie into a bumble bee costume for Halloween night because, it was warmer.

 Allie was so funny.  After our ward Trunk or Treat the kids dumped out their candy on the living room floor.  They all had their own piles.  Hudsen and Clarke did some trading.  Allie would get so mad if anybody touched her pile.  She was very protective over the candy she earned.  :)