Saturday, May 29, 2010

Clarke is 3!!!!

Our handsome 3 year old. So typical of Clarke to have his flip flops on the wrong feet. :)
Hudsen and Clarke
We went to CPK after Ryan's game to celebrate with a few good friends. Thanks guys!! It was so much fun!!
Diggin in

I can not believe another year has passed with our Clarke-E. It has been so much fun watching him grow. A little sad how fast time is going but still fun. He is not our little baby anymore. He still keeps us on our toes everyday but we wouldn't change it for anything we LOVE him to pieces!!! Happy Birthday Big Guy!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Clarke 3 year old interview

Favorite Movie- Spider man

Favorite show- Calliou

Favorite food- Corn dog

Favorite candy- Skittles

Favorite Dodger- Russel Martin

What he wants to be when he gets big- Rock Star

Favorite color- White

Going on Mission to- Stater Brothers

Best Pal- Colten, Noah, Daddy

Favorite song- I got a feeling

Favorite ride @ Disneyland- It's a Small World

His favorite thing about being 3 is- Blowing out the Candles

Day @ Disney

Clarke on the Merry Go Round. He has liked to just sit on the bench instead of the horses lately. :) Hudsen excited to go on the Tea Cups. Clarke likes them but says they make him bizzy. :)

Tired after a fun day.


Making sand angels
These pictures make me laugh. They look so hot and uncomfortable. We went again to Dumont Dunes and had such a fun time. Im sad I didn't take any video or pictures of the kids on the quads this time. There was also a big race that weekend for the police/sheriff/FBI/etc. It was really cool because we were not too far from where Corey Lafever was racing and we actually got to see the last part of his leg of the race.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

House Sitting

We House and Dog Sitted for the Mansfields. We had such a fun time hanging out with good friends and going in the hot tub like every night!! The kids were in heaven having the dogs in the house. They love Lillie & Syd-da-nee (sydney).