Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things to Remember

Clarke and I were playing Doctor. Clarke- "Let me listen to your heart....Oh it sounds itchy."

Clarke asked me, "Mom who's cuter, Me or Allie?" I think all my kids are soo cute, but me thinking the smartest answer was saying, "You are cuter Clarke.'' Clarke- " aww mom, don't say that. That will hurt Allies feelings. Allies cuter." :)

Clarke- "Hudsen did you do your drawers (chores) ?"

Hudsen- "There is a new girl in my class named Lacy and she's allergic to black people."

Some cute writings I found of Hudsen- My noss is stufe, so I cood not go to soolch on frdeday. My Dad gave me a besing.

My buthr and sistr got shots. Clarke got 6 and Allie got 3! My buthr and sistr didnt fell guod.

We watched our Wedding video the other night. It's always fun for Ryan and I to watch it every so often. Well we watched it and the kids both Started Bawling. Hudsen was quiet but crying and Clarke was so loud. They only started crying at the part when Ryan was leaving, on and coming home from his mission. I think it reminded them of having to say goodbye to Uncle Evan. And They were worried Daddy would have to go again. It was really sweet and cute. We watched the video twice and they both were fine until Dads mission pictures came on. And they both got really emotional. I just love my kids they are so precious to me. They really miss their Uncle Evan.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Clarkes 4 year Interview

Favorite Animal-- Osa's puppies (Osa is Grandma & Grandpa Moores Dog)
Favorite Color-- Blue
Favorite Candy-- Cotton Candy
Favorite Food-- Spaghetti
Favorite Sport-- Karate
Favorite Movie-- Spider man
Favorite Show-- Tom & Jerry
Favorite Super Hero-- Superman
Favorite Dodger-- Russel martin, but he's not on the Dodgers anymore
Favorite Laker-- Kobe
Favorite UFC fighter-- Chuckie (Chuck Liddell), and Anderson (Anderson Silva) because he does cool tricks.
Where do you think you'll serve your mission? Um, Brazil
Why did you want a UFC birthday party? Because Daddy idea'd my Birthday and I'm excited because that's what I wanted.
What is your goal while you are 4? To decorate our house
What does Dad always tell you? Wanna watch UFC's.
What does Mom always tell you? I love you Clarke
What does Hudsen always tell you? Do you like Justin Bieber?
What does Allie always tell you? She just smiles at me
What do you want to be when you grow up? Working Fire Extinguishers

Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Clarke

The Birthday Boy!!!! Our cute little kiddos

Getting ready to get his party on

We played pin the black eye on Lil Chuck Liddell.

Clarke with his UFC fighters. There was one missing that night and he got 3 more for his Birthday. He loves them, and knows all their names. :)

Ryan made this awesome UFC punching bag pinata. They all got to punch and kick it open.

These awesome cupcakes were made by my amazing talented friend Genine. My Mom was supposed to make an Octagon cage cake with 2 fighters fighting but she ran out of time. She was down the hill visiting her brother who was really sick.

Clarke wanted a UFC (UF sees :)) Birthday party this year. We had a lot of fun getting ready for it. I think it turned out great. We even let him cut his hair like his favorite fighter, Chuck Lidell. I can not believe our boy is already 4. Time is going too fast. We love you little guy!!! Happy 4th Birthday!!!! Love, Mom and Dad.

Meeting Kendall

Clarke and Kendall

Allie & Kendall (3 months apart)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just Because....

She's stinkin adorable!!!!

Climbing Trees

The kids LOVE climbing this really cool tree at Brrrrrryans. (my nephew Ryan Moore). Clarke actually was trying to do this trick he saw a girl do at the circus and got his foot caught in the rope and was hanging upside down. It was pretty funny and scary. :/

Joy School

Stater Brothers newest employee :) Clarke said he was going to work in the Meat department :)

Clarke is sitting in between Abby and Gwendalyn. They both say he is their boyfriend. :)

Clarke had two field trips on the same day, one at Stater Brothers and the other at McDonalds. They were so cool. I even loved them. :) At Staters they took them around to all the different departments and showed them all really cool things. Then we went to McDonald got a tour there, and let the kids eat and play. Clarke had a lot of fun.


My attempt at making bunny pancakes. :) The kids got to put what ever they wanted on them. These pictures were not the finished product. They looked so gross. They consisted of Gogurts, jelly beans, chocolate chips, gumballs, m&m's. They looked really gross but the kids loved them!!

We were woken up by the sounds of Hudsen and Clarke talking about what they had gotten in their baskets. The little stinkers went out and found their baskets with out even waking us up. We came home super late from Canyon Country the night before, (Ryan still plays softball with our old ward :)) so I was sad the kids didn't even have Pjs on for their picture with their baskets. After church we headed over to Grandma and Grandpas for dinner and an Easter egg hunt. It was a wonderful Easter day.

Easter Eggs

We had a fun family home evening with Grandma and Grandpa, Gary, Julie and kids painting Easter eggs.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Ladies

Hudsen's 1st day at Rancho Verde Elementary

At Allie's 2 month check up

2 months old